We've elevated our asphalt shingles to perform exceptionally well by adding the ArmourZone.

The ArmourZone is a 1-1/4" wide nailing surface for correct nail placement reinforced by a tear-resistant band that provides even more fastening strength over a wider surface area of the shingle. Nails applied in this area are optimally positioned to help resist nail pull-through and shingle blow-off, even in high winds.


Built In Algae Resistance

IKO shingles have special algae-resistant granules embedded in their surface to help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae which can cause unattractive black stains, streaks and discoloration.

Designed to Lie Down and Stay Down

Shingles are meant to lie flat and stay put on your roof. If the wind lifts them up, water from ice dams or wind-driven rain can enter in underneath and may cause a leaky roof. Our shingles have IKO Fastlock sealant along their bottom edges. When activated by the suns heat, it gets extra-tacky and creates a strong bond to help ensure maximum protection against wind uplift, blow-off and water penetration.


Extra Blow-off Protection

Printed nail line guides installers to position and fasten the shingles correctly, to help keep them on the roof and prevent them from blowing off in high wind.

A Fiberglass Mat Gives IKO Shingles Their Inner Strength

At the heart of every IKO shingle is a tough, resilient fiberglass mat. We coat it top and bottom with Polymer-Modified Asphalt, which is formulated to be extremely flexible. IKO shingles are heavy-duty so you can count on them for their durability and structural integrity.


Our IKO PRO4 Roofing Components are specifically designed to work best with IKO shingles.


IKO ArmourGard, IKO RoofGard-Cool Grey underlayment, IKO Leading Edge Plus starter strips or IKO EdgeSeal starter roll and IKO UltraHP IR ridge cap shingles



The Armor Your Roof Needs

Our ArmourGard Ice and Water Protector is used for waterproofing under shingled roofs preventing water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain. It can also be used as an underlayment around chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, skylights and other roof-top structures or apertures, around doors and windows, and as an exterior vapor barrier for foundations and basements.


RoofGard-Cool Grey

Light and Cool For Simple Installation

Our RoofGard-Cool Grey rolls are lighter and easier to handle making it faster to install. The synthetic, non-breathable material provides a superior slip resistant surface. It is easy to install around vents, dormers, and other roof structures. And since its grey instead of black, it absorbs less of the suns radiant heat. Lay lines every 1 (2.5cm) aid in shingle course alignment.


Leading Edge Plus

Perforated Edges Means Two Strips Out of One Shingle

Our Leading Edge Plus offers the latest evolution in roof starter strips. They're fast, easy and very convenient to apply. Leading Edge Plus starter strip shingle is perforated right down the middle so that you can get two starter strips out of each roof shingle! The sealant strip along their bottom edge creates a tight seal to protect shingle ends against wind damage and reduce shingle blow-offs.


IKO UltraHP/UltraHP IR

Give Your Roof Line a Touch of Depth

Our specially constructed ridge cap shingles are designed to provide a high-quality alternative to using cut-up roof shingles to protect this important area. The HP stands for High Profile, which means that they're also designed to add dimension, depth and texture to your roof line and rakes. When you've just built a roof with IKO designer shingles, there's only one way you can top its long-lasting good looks with IKO UltraHP or impact resistant1 IKO UltraHP IR High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles! This impact rating is solely for the purpose of enabling residential property owners to obtain a reduction in their residential insurance premium, if available. It is not to be construed as any type of express or implied warranty or guarantee of the impact performance against hail, of this shingle by the manufacturer, supplier or installer. Damage from hail is not covered under the limited warranty. For further details concerning the FM 4473 standards, visit the FM Approvals website.

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